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Okay, I’m very excited about this, so bear with me!

First of all, I love yogurt and eat it for lunch every day, but so many have artificial sweeteners, colors and flavors. I have been buying Stonyfield Farm brand yogurt for years because I love the creaminess, but it tends to be expensive. I think it’s like $0.85 per 6 ounce cup at Wegman’s or $3.79 for a 32 ounce container. (I buy the large containers of vanilla for myself, but Ben prefers the other individual flavors.) Recently Ben has been liking the Greek style yogurt which is even more expensive, eek!

I had heard making yogurt was easy, but I didn’t know it was THIS easy. Last weekend I used my crockpot to make 64 ounces of delicious yogurt for the cost of half a gallon of milk at $1.71. That adds up to costing about 1/5 of what it costs to buy the volume equivalent of Stonyfield Farm brand yogurt.

I strained about half of it to make the thick Greek style yogurt that Ben loves. The leftover whey can be used in place of the liquid in many baking recipes, is highly nutritious, and keeps well in the refridgerator for a couple weeks. We’ve been swirling in a little honey for sweetness, but honestly, I love the slightly tart plain yogurt flavor. Last night I used it in place of buttermilk when I made banana bread for our Bible study and this morning we ate it with fresh raspberries and a drizzle of honey. Anyhow, I am completely converted. I will be experimenting with more flavors in the near future. Stay tuned. Love you and miss you!


Snowman Pancakes!

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So I didn’t come up with this on my own, I stole it from Ohdeedoh.


Happy Snow Day!


Fresh Start

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New year, new start! Now that the Christmas and gifting season is over, I can post photos of the gifts I made for our family. I promise to do that soon!

First, I want to wrap up some loose ends on the blog. Well, it’s one loose end, really. Remember the flower girl dresses I was making for my brother-in-law’s wedding back in August during my summer vacation? The entire endeavor was a huge flop. I don’t care what everyone else says to try to dissuade me; to me it will always be a flop in my mind.

It all started when I volunteered to make the dresses for my nieces and my now sister-in-law’s cousin’s little girl. I had set my deadline for the end of August before school was back in session again, well ahead of the October wedding. I took my nieces’ measurements and happily began to cut out the pieces. The other flower girl lives out of state and so measurements came from the girl’s mother. BIG MISTAKE. I suspected that the measurements were a little off. I’ve been around enough kids to know that if these measurements were accurate, the little girl was chubby and short, especially compared to my nieces. I checked with the bride and the bride checked with the girl’s mom and I was given the go ahead.

Skip ahead 2 months to the wedding. For reasons beyond our control, my nieces did not participate in the wedding. (Bummer #1) The other flower girl turned out to be tall and slim and the dress was way too big on her. (Bummer #2) I was left feeling irritated because this disaster, which was beyond my control, made me look completely incompetent. So this is my New Year’s Sewing Resolution – I will never sew another article of clothing without being able to do the measurements and fittings myself. Lesson learned.

Can you see how BIG it is? Ugh.

Looking on the bright side, if anyone is interested in buying a size 7 and/or size 4 white cotton knee-length, sleeveless, empire waist dress with sweetheart neckline and purple sash, let me know. :)

All three dresses close to being complete (August 2010)

Anne, I look forward to seeing all your beautiful photos using your new camera!

Love you,



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After doing Saturday morning errands, Ben and I came home and made Sachlab, a Middle Eastern wintry drink made with milk. It was delicious, like drinking rice pudding. It’s basically sweetened milk with orange flower water, thickened and topped with almonds, pistachios, coconut, raisins and cinnamon. You would love it.

I hope you and Matthew are doing really well and are getting into the spirit of the season, too. I have a pot of vegetable soup simmering, a Christmas station playing on iTunes radio and handmade Christmas cards waiting to be sent out.

Love you lots,


Rhinebeck Striped Scarf Turned Cowl

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It’s not the greatest picture, but I’m very pleased to have finished this scarf/cowl. I didn’t have enough Noro to make it a scarf, so I finally just kitchenered the two ends, wrapped it around my neck a couple times and called it a day. I like it and will probably wear it this fall and winter. It just feels good to have it off of my Work In Progress list on Ravelry.

See you tomorrow!


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